Our Activities and Areas of Work

COMPPA’s Activities:

  • Work with popular organizations in Mesoamerica, facilitating the elaboration of a popular communications strategy that incorporates the use of use of appropriate communication tools.
  • Facilitate the training and formation of popular communicators and local technicians through workshops, educational materials, and hands-on practice.
  • Promote the use of local media centers as spaces for coordination, cooperation, and exchanges between popular communicators locally and regionally.
  • Organize regional gatherings between popular communicators to reflect on popular communication strategies, share productions and experiences, and coordinate joint projects.
  • Research and provide appropriate media technologies to sister organizations according to their communication needs. We also facilitate exchanges between organizations to share communication technologies between south-north and north-south.

Areas of Work:

  • Technology and Tools for Communication: COMPPA believes that to be able to exercise our communication rights, we need to know how to use a wide variety of media and communication tools. Through workshops and trainings, COMPPA promotes the use of communication tools like community radio, video, print production, and murals to disseminate the voices, views, and events of community struggles on the local, regional, and international level.
  • Training and formation of Popular Communicators: Our approach combines adaptation to local needs, popular education methods, and multimedia technology to train communication promoters for work in their own organizations.
  • Building Technical Skills: Our technical training program offers the skills necessary so that each sister organization has at least one trained local technician to resolve technical problems that arise in their satellite internet systems, local and wireless computer networks, or their FM radio broadcast equipment.