La Red Radio’s first broadcast

by comppa for News- Honduras

We want to share some important news: La Red Radio has covered its first event!

We know that many of you listened to the live transmission of the March 8th International Women’s Day march mobilization in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. What did you think of the coverage? Did you feel the strength in their words? The women at La Red Radio, the station of The National Network of Women Human Rights Defenders of Honduras, are excited about their first broadcast—here are some of their impressions:

“I’m happy because we’ve gone on the air for the first time, and it was on International Women’s Day. I feel content to have participated, to have been heard internationally on the internet. It’s important that people know about our radio.” — Lucidalia Mercado

“I knew [the march] would be broadcast, but I was really surprised that the compañeras from the Network [of Women Human Rights Defenders] were running the transmission, and when I saw them, I thought, ‘Is this real? I really couldn’t believe it…”
— Izabel Martinez

“I loved that [the broadcast] was live, it was a dream come true.” Roxana Corrales

“The fact that it was on March 8th was important because it was like a broadcast in our natural environment, on our day, surrounded by people who with whom we’ve always walked side by side. It was very meaningful! –Daysi Flores

Click here for more photos of the march!

La Red Radio’s first broadcast is just the beginning… your participation in Our Voices, Our Airwaves: Women in Community Radio! supports La Red radio with the equipment and training it needs to stay on the air!

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