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Making the Game: Women in Community Radios

Trailer: Making the Game / Tomando Partido from COMPPA on Vimeo.

The community radio movement in Mesoamerica is growing stonger every day, with voices that speak out against the silences imposed for centuries on indigenous, campesina, and Garífuna communities. At the same time, women are taking on yet another battle for their right to access public spaces– including the radio. On the air, women share their dreams, ideas, analyses. In this documentary, indigenous, Garífuna, and campesina women communicators speak about the successes and the challenges they face every day as they continue to fight for their right to communicate.

This documentary is currently available to supporters of our campaign, Our Voices, Our Airwaves: Women in Community Radio!

Faluma Bimetu Resists (English Subtitles) from COMPPA on Vimeo.

Radio Faluma Bimetu was born in 1995 in the Garifuna community of Triunfo de la Cruz, in the department of Tela de Atlàntida, Honduras. One of its primary goals is to defend the Garifuna territory against the threat of displacement by the country’s oligarchy and transnational companies. After repeated attacks on the radio’s facilities and imprisonment of some of its members, on January 6, 2010, the Radio suffered another attack and was burned down by unknown intruders. On February the 5th, 2010, barely one month after the attack that destroyed the radio’s facilities, Radio Faluma Bimetu was ready to go back on air…


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