Voices Taking Flight is a reality!

Breaking News and Hot off the presses still smelling of ink: Our workbook, Voices Taking Flight: A Practical Guide for Women Community Communicators has been printed.

Finally, after a long enduring haul together with a group of dedicated women, we can share this incredibly import practical guide with the world and especially with women making media from the trenches of their communities and struggles. Voices Taking Flight, is a compilation of years of knowledge and experience accompanying valuable processes on constructing autonomous community media with women throughout Mesoamerica.

Thanks to everyone that collaborated in our funding campaign Our Voices, Our Airwaves: Women in Community Radio! We couldn´t have achieved this without your support!!!


So what is Voices Taking Flight: A Practical Guide for Women Community Communicators?

The workbook,Voices Taking Flight: A Practical Guide for Women Community Communicators is a collection of activities for women to develop and share skills in the areas of communication and community radio, with a perspective on gender and women’s empowerment. It includes activities for analyzing sexism in the media, producing community-based media with a perspective on gender, and defending the right to produce and have access to media that accurately represents women.

Who can use this workbook?

This workbook is for all women who want to freely excercise their communication rights.

It does not matter if you organized or not, this workbook is for use by women and groups to promote and strengthen working together in networks, as you know, there is “strength in numbers.” No matter if your community does not have a radio or a community media outlet, perhaps the first training could be a seed for one to grow.

That said, it´s time for our voices to take flight.


Blast off!

¿How can I get a copy of the book?

Contact us! Write to for your copy or to get copies for your group and community.

How can I help to let people know about this great workbook?

• Share this link with your contacts and social networks

• Help us with Distribution! We´re interested in creating links with women´s and meda collectives, distributors, bookstores and solidarity or activist groups that would like to support the distribution in the US, Latin America and Europe.

What can I do to support women in Mesoamericas community radios?

• Make a donation! Your donation with help support strengthening the spaces that have been created for gatherings and workshops with the women in the Mesoamerican Network of Community, Indigenous and

Garifuna Radios in Guatemala and Honduras.